The Only Quran App You Will Ever Need!

Main Screen

xQuran's Main screen puts everything at your fingertips:

  • Browse to your desired Juz, Hizb, or 1/4 Hizb in the Quran using the top left menu.
  • Browse to your desired Sura or Aya in the Quran using the top right menu.
  • Find the order of the Sura, its English name, the number of Ayas, and the city of revelation all conveniently located under the name of the Sura in the top middle of the screen.
  • Tap the 3 lines on the bottom left of the screen to display the submenu. (More details in the next diagram.)
  • Play the Quran audio in the desired Recitation by the selected Reciter by tapping on the Speaker icon on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Access more settings by tapping on the settings icon in the bottom middle of the screen. (More details in the Settings Screen diagram.)
  • Search the entire Quran at the touch of a button. You can search the Arabic Quran text, or any of the Arabic Tafsirs or English Translations included.
  • Export Ayas to print, copy, or email in Arabic, Translation, or Both by tapping on the Printer icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Access your bookmarks that automatically sync with all your iOS devices that use the same iCloud account by tapping on the book icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Submenu Screen

xQuran's Submenu screen exapnds the options in your main screen:

  • Use the left and right arrows next to the name of the Sura to move to the previous or next Sura respectively.
  • Choose your desired Recitation, and Reciter from the bottom left menus.
  • Select any one of over 40 translations of the Quran to be displayed below the Arabic Quran text for a deeper understanding in your own language.

Settings Screen

xQuran's Settings screen gives you more personalization and control:

  • Find out more about the developer and resources of the App by tapping on About xQuran.
  • Share the reward (thawab) by emailing a friend to download and use xQuran.
  • Toggle the UI Language between Arabic and English as needed.
  • Adjust the Font Size to a comfortable size for your eyes.
  • Access more Audio settings under Show Audio Settings. (More details in the following diagram.)
  • Download the Entire Quran Audio by the Reciter in the Recitation that is currently selected. This option requires WiFi to avoid data charges.
  • Let us know what you think of xQuran, or how we can improve it by Contacting us.
  • Check the xQuran Help page regularly for updates.

Audio Settings Screen

xQuran's Show Audio Settings screen gives you more options for listening to the Quran:

  • Play the Sura, or Aya One By One in their order in the Quran, or choose to Repeat the Sura or Aya several times for more contemplation or for learning by heart.
  • Adjust the Audio Volume to your desired level. This is different from the general iPod/iPhone audio level controlled by the Volume Up and Down button on the side of the iPod/iPhone.

10 Recitations (Qira'at) of Quran

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Periodic Khatma

Did you know that Muslims are expected to recite the entire Quran (khatma) regularly? Many Muslims aim to recite 1 Juz a day to finish the entire Quran once a month. Others recite even more.

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